Squaddle – the new way to work

– Squaddle – the new way to work

Squaddle is a new app that intends to revolutionise the way hospitality businesses manage their labour force.


Launched in Perth by local entrepreneurs Adam Sarris and James Hill, the app enables hospitality businesses to fulfil short-term staffing needs without the burden of paperwork or job applications.  The app allows businesses to post ‘gigs’ at short notice, even ASAP, and connects this need to independent contractors who can submit quotes for the gig.  Once selected for a gig, contractors complete the assignment and get paid within 48 hours, all without any paperwork, as this is all managed by the Squaddle app.


“This is a great way to get people off the couch and into short-term opportunities as a means of supplementing their income”  Squaddle CEO Adam Sarris said.  “Gigs can be as little as 3 hours, which ordinarily would be too short a period for a business to encumber themselves with the usual job advertisement and application process. We see this as a great way to create work opportunities that would likely go unfulfilled” Adam said.


The app connects businesses and contractors in real time and allows both parties to rate each other. “We think actual work ratings from business clients are more effective than the traditional CV’s and contractors can also rate the businesses they contract to. It’s a two way street.”  Adam said.

The app is free for businesses to download and use, while contractors pay a small fee to Squaddle for the provision of the platform, the payment service and an invoicing service.


As long as you have an ABN, a tax file number, and are over 18 you can join the platform and quote for gigs. It’s easy” Adam said.


With work opportunities in Perth getting harder to find the app has come at a welcome time for those seeking to earn a few extra dollars by capitalising on their hospitality skills.  “Businesses too are finding it tough and having a more flexible workforce is a great way of maximising your efficiency by being able to ‘dial-up or down’ as business demand dictates” Adam said.


The app is available on both android and IOS and will be launching in early in the New Year.