Squaddle Reaches 1000 Contractors

Squaddle Reaches 1000 Contractors

Squaddle, the app for hospitality, continues to grow at a very fast rate, passing 1000 contractors on the platform this week.  Squaddle CEO Adam Sarris said that reaching the milestone was a reflection of the demand for work flexibility within the sector and the confidence contractors have in engaging with hospitality businesses directly using the app.


“We now have active contractors across Australia and new businesses continue to join the platform each week”. Sarris said.


The app continues to improve with additional functionality being offered as a result of feedback both from businesses and contractors.


“We are working closely with both contractors and businesses to ensure our app satisfies both the needs of the industry and those of the contractors”


More than 100 hospitality businesses have joined the platform since the app was launched in March.



We have a broad range of businesses on the app from cafés, wineries, restaurants and bars to sporting clubs, catering companies and event tour operators





Squaddle is free for businesses to download and use and in addition to filling staffing needs at short notice Squaddle also offers businesses an efficient means of recruiting hospitality staff.


“We are finding that businesses are also using the platform as a means of recruiting staff as the cost of posting a gig is usually cheaper than a job advertisement and unlike many temp agencies Squaddle does not charge any recruitment fees if a business chooses to offer a contractor employment.”  Sarris said.