Squaddle Case Study: Tanya Johnston

Squaddle Case Study: Tanya Johnston

For many working professionals, there comes a time when our careers take a back seat as we  focus on family.


Such is the case with Squaddler Tanya Johnston who recently made the switch from a fast-paced career in public relations and digital marketing to the convenience of freelance gig working.


A hardworking mother and business woman in her own right, Tanya first discovered Squaddle when she and her partner had returned to Australia after a long stint climbing the corporate ladder in Vietnam.


“I was searching Gumtree for work for my partner when I saw an ad pop up for Squaddle,” said Tanya.


“Having made the decision to be our children’s primary caregiver, Squaddle is a great opportunity for mothers and families to seamlessly juggle the demands of family with work.

For Tanya, Squaddle provides the flexibility of working on her own schedule and thanks to the guarantee that ensures all contractors are paid within 48 hours of a gig, it also provides a boost of income  when she needs it most.


“Every week is different and my available time can change. For example, if one of our children is sick and home from school. With the flexibility of choosing the shifts I work, I can scale my hours up or down as needed. Plus, depending on how much you choose to work, it can mean a paycheck every three days or so, which is great!”


Tanya’s impressive work background has seen her organise some huge events in Vietnam including music festivals, Disney on Ice and a star studded polo match with no fewer than four royal families. Squaddle is something she says she wishes existed when she was organising these kind of events.  

“Being able to access skilled workers staff on demand is important for businesses looking for that that additional boost when you need it. Many of my clients have said how beneficial it is for them to know there’s a pool of skilled staff available – it is a weight off their shoulders.”


Though she’s only been Squaddling since July, Tanya has already managed to secure permanent part time work through the app with regular clients and still maintains flexible hours she needs to ensure she is there for her kids.


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