Squaddle Case Study: Iain Hepburn, O’Connors Cafe.

Squaddle Case Study: Iain Hepburn, O’Connors Cafe.

Running a cafe is like conducting an orchestra at times. One wrong note and the whole ensemble can fall apart. For Perth cafe owner Iain Hepburn having his full team on shift each day is vital for the success of his cafe, O’Connors Cafe.

“We are a high volume cafe, going through about 10-20 kg of coffee a day, under an office building with 1500 people,” he explains.

“On a good day we need 10 staff, a mix of baristas and kitchen hands, to keep the machine running smoothly.”

Iain was introduced to Squaddle by a fellow hospitality friend and while he’s used the platform regularly since registering it was during the past few weeks that he said he truly realised the value of what Squaddle offers.

“We’ve had a pretty tough time over the past few weeks with some of our full time staff on annual leave, a few calling in sick unexpectedly and one quitting,” he said.

“Especially when staff are sick we only know the night before or on the actual day an hour after their shift was supposed to start. Being such a high volume cafe and being 3 or 4 staff down makes a difference in the service we offer and the ability we have to keep our customers happy.”

For Iain, Squaddle meant that he was able to post a job within a few minutes and within half an hour have people for the job ready to go.  

“Before using Squaddle there really was no other solution for us to find baristas or kitchen hands at such short notice. We could use social media but the day has already started and that takes time to interview and check out people.

“If we’re that short staffed and in peak hour I don’t have time to hope someone good replies to a Facebook or Instagram call out. This way, we know they’ve already been verified and get hit the ground running.”

“Using this platform has saved us money as we’ve been able to keep operations as normal when otherwise we’d have been operating at half-steam. It’s a revenue and time saver for us.”

And in a small team Iain says the Squaddlers have been able to fit in with the cafe environment and get to work.   

“We’ve used maybe 20 or more Squaddlers since we signed up and I would say only one has not shown up. When I reported it to the Squaddle team that user was contacted directly and we were able to rate them to let other businesses know our experience.”

“Being able to see their rating gives me peace of mind as a business owner that I’m accepting a contractor that is reliable and will get the job done.”

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