How Squaddle Was Born

Welcome to the era of choice where on-demand apps are a staple of modern day life. Digital convenience means we can satisfy a late night craving, order a ride, arrange an in-house massage, and now – find hospitality work in an instant.


The new app Squaddle (think: the Uber of job seeking) is giving us more choice with exactly when and who we want to work with. The tables are turned with a new review system where for the first time, workers and business owners can rate each other.


Perth entrepreneurs Adam Sarris and James Hill founded Squaddle to provide on-demand hospitality workers for venues, events and any businesses needing a short-term solution to staffing issues. As a groundbreaking concept, Squaddle connects workers with businesses that need them and business owners with ready-to-go workers in the same day.


“We’re creating a marketplace of work for people that didn’t exist before” Squaddle CEO Adam said. “It’s for everyone – whether someone is underemployed, has industry experience, or wants to dust off their barista skills and get some extra work, through to people that want to make a lifestyle out of Squaddle.” Adam said.


Adam adds “Everyone has got skin in the game in order for the trust economy to really work.” Squaddle helps workers apply for gigs quickly using real-world ratings, and assists business owners with making informed decisions without needing a mountain of CVs and lengthy interviews.


Launching in Perth this month, Squaddle is filling the hospitality industry’s need for short-term and on-demand resourcing. “The shifts are a minimum of 3 hours to 12 hours, and the roles are everything from baristas, bartenders, wait staff, chefs, kitchen hands, and any form of hospitality and event gig.” Adam said.


The idea for Squaddle came about from “Adam’s experience as an avid hospitality patron”, Squaddle Executive Director James Hill joked.


“I was looking to follow the trend of the inner-city hole-in-the-wall espresso bars, but the main concern I was terrified of was how to manage staff. It was the one area I couldn’t find a good solution for. I didn’t want the business to be solely dependent on me to pick up the slack when someone called in sick or resigned at short notice.” Adam said. The enterprising duo set out to solve the problem using their background in software development, and the idea of Squaddle was born.


An observation during Adam’s travel around Australia and the world played an important part in the genesis of Squaddle. “I noticed that when a cafe or venue is understaffed, the quality of service deteriorates rapidly.” Adam said.  “The Perth hospitality industry has been evolving over the last five years, there’s been a lot of growth in both the volume of venues but also in the quality of service. That’s what stands out about Perth.” Adam said. Squaddle was born as a tool for managing labour force but also preserving your business reputation.


Business owners can register and post a work opportunity for a ‘squaddler’. But who exactly are they? “A Squaddler is hardworking, energetic and adventurous. They enjoy moving around and experiencing different venues and meeting new colleagues.” Adam said.


“Squaddle also suits travellers as the ratings that they get from businesses travel with them. All of their bank details are recorded and managed by Squaddle – we help process your pay as a contractor. It means you can travel around, keep your ratings from different places, and not need your CV.” James said. “The cycle between doing a gig and getting paid is very short, about 48 hours. It means you can work a gig on a Wednesday and have the money in your bank account on the weekend.” James said.


The future for Squaddle is ambitious. “We’re definitely looking to expand, it is certainly a transferable model. Perth is our launching pad for Squaddle and we’ve also got our eyes on expanding to the East coast in the early stages of 2017 and then eventually overseas.” Adam said.


Whether you’re looking to fund your travels, supplement your income, or fill in your spare time, Squaddle can help you find a short-term gig. “Squaddle is really proud that we’re providing opportunities for people to generate income, to supplement existing income, and to get off the couch and find gigs in the workforce.” Adam said. “You can sign up to Squaddle with an ABN, create a profile, upload a photo, add your skills and certifications, and start quoting on gigs. It’s as simple as that.” James said.


Founders Adam and James have high hopes that Squaddle will become a part of vernacular as a verb for funding people’s dreams. “Success for us will look like an international traveller who can travel the world and fund all of their expenses Squaddling. They can say “I’m going to Squaddle my way around the world”. James said.


Join the squad! Sign up to be a Squaddler and hear first when the app is live and ready to gig.