How it Works – Contractors

Squaddle connects contractors to the businesses that need them

Squaddle is an app that connects hospitality businesses with independent contractors for work on-demand.

Using Squaddle, contractors can select from local businesses that are rated by peers and seeking bar staff, wait staff, chefs, kitchen hands, baristas or just about any other short-term hospitality need.

Contractors using  Squaddle are completely independent and have the freedom to pick where they work, when they work, who they work for and how much they charge.

Squaddle takes care of all the payments and invoicing so the process is simple for both parties without any paperwork.

Squaddle charges contractors a small administration fee for the provision of the service, automated payments and the invoicing of clients on behalf of the contractor.

Create a Profile

Creating a profile is quick and easy. All you need is an ABN and Tax File Number

Receive alerts about gigs

Once your profile is set up you receive alerts about gigs that match your profile

Submit a quote

See a gig you like? Submit a quote for review

Get paid in 48 hours

If your bid is successful, you complete the gig and get paid

The Squaddle app is out now on both Google Play and the App Store

By registering with Squaddle you can receive alerts for gigs as they are posted

Respond in real time and choose who you work for, where you work, when you work and what you charge.  All your submission information is kept confidential and only seen by the businesses you wish to provide a quote to.  No paperwork, no hassles.


Squaddle also enables contractors to rate the businesses they work for

Assess the quality of your clients before you quote to them and receive feedback from other contractors who may have completed gigs with them.


Earn cash by doing gigs

With Squaddle, contractors get paid within 48 hours of completing a gig.

No more job applications

Set up a profile once then submit quotes for multiple gigs.  No more CV’s, applications or forms.

Transparent work history

With each gig you receive a rating that can travel with you wherever you work.

Full contractor reporting

We do all your invoicing for you and keep track of all your earnings and work history.  You only need to worry about completing the gig.

Looking for full-time or part-time work?

Squaddling (short-term gigs) is a great way to connect you to businesses looking to hire

What do I need to register with Squaddle?

To sign-up with Squaddle you need to be over 18 years of age, have a tax file number and an Australian Business Number (ABN).

Don’t have an ABN?

Registering for an ABN is quick, easy and FREE.  You must be eligible and register with the Australian Business Register.

Apply for an ABN

Creating a profile is quick and easy and best of all it’s free!

The Squaddle App is out now so join-up today!

Create a Profile

Squaddle connects contractors with the businesses that need them