Some Frequently Asked Questions

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What fees and charges does Squaddle impose on businesses users?

None.  Squaddle is completely free for businesses to use.  Squaddle charges contractors an admin fee for the provision of the platform service, the escrow payment service and tax invoicing services. Businesses are not charged by Squaddle and receive a tax invoice from contractors for the full amount of the quoted gig.

Are contractors insured?

It is a condition of use that all business clients have and maintain current and valid workers compensation and public liability insurance policies.  A workers compensation policy is a legal requirement in all States and territories of Australia and will cover any and all ‘workers’ that perform the duties consistent with the client business.  Contractors engaged through the Squaddle platform must perform duties consistent with those of the business in order to be covered by the same insurance policy.  It is a condition of use that business clients engage contractors that fall within the bounds of their existing worker’s compensation policy to ensure coverage. Business clients are encouraged to check the appropriate level of insurance cover with their own insurance brokers.

Do I need to pay contractors superannuation?

Yes in some circumstances, however Squaddle will cover the superannuation charge.  If you engage a contractor through the platform and they earn more than $450 in a calendar month for your business they will be eligible for superannuation.  In these circumstances Squaddle will compensate the business for the superannuation fee and provide details of the affected contractor’s nominated complying superannuation fund or such other complying fund.

When do I pay my chosen contractor for the gig?

Once the contract has been agreed payment for the contractor is made in advance and held in escrow (trust) until the gig is competed.  Payment is made to the contractor within 48 hours of proper completion of the gig.  If there are any issues, let us know and we can refund or amend payments.

If I pay a contractor and they fail to show up do I get a refund?

Yes.  The contractor is not eligible to receive payment until they have competed the gig.  Should the contractor fail to arrive then the funds held in escrow for the contractor will be released back to the business upon the business notifying Squaddle which can be done easily through the app.

If I cancel a contractor before the start of the gig is there a fee?

Yes.  If you cancel a contractor after the gig has been agreed but before the contractor commences a fee of $50 will be deducted from the gig fee (held in escrow) before any residual amount is returned to the business.

If I would like to employ a contractor on a more permanent basis are there any fees and charges?

No.  If you are impressed with a contractor and wish to offer them employment after the completion of their gig there are no recruitment fees or charges.

Do I need to withhold tax from my contractor?

No.  As independent contractors, all taxation obligations in relation to income tax rest with the contractor.

Do I need to pay GST on a contractor gig?

Most contractors on the Squaddle platform are not registered for GST.  They need to be earning in excess of $75,000 per year before they need to register.  Some contractors are registered for GST and these contractors will provide the GST within their quotation for services.  The GST component will be set out separately on their invoice. Where a GST component is identified, it must be paid.

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