Is this Perth’s spiciest Banh Mi?

Is this Perth’s spiciest Banh Mi?

Squaddle business user Baguette Me Not serves some of the best Banh Mi inspired meals in Perth and for a limited time is serving a ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired Banh Mi Mother of Dragons (MOD) – Spicy beef meatballs with water chestnuts and chillies, herbs and spices plus all the usual banh mi trimmings. Famous for its fresh ingredients and crunchy rolls, Baguette Me Not owner Tyronne Castillo is never afraid to experiment in order to produce some of the tastiest meals around.


If you like a little bit of chilli in your meal you won’t be disappointed either. The GOT inspired BMT roll has 7 different varieties of chilli to give your taste buds a work out they won’t forget!


A regular user of the Squaddle platform – Tyrone said “Squaddle takes the stress out of recruiting for busy periods as we ramp up to Spring and Summer seasons. It also, means that existing staff will not be worried about having reduced hours, so they stay motivated and are less likely to look for additional work.”


Squaddle takes the stress out of recruiting for busy periods


If you think you can handle the kick of the ‘Mother of Dragons” banh mi, grab one today at Baguette me Not’s Subiaco venue or order on UberEATS or Deliveroo.