10 Trends That Are Changing The Hospitality Industry

10 Trends That Are Changing The Hospitality Industry

Restaurants, bars, cafes and even hole-in-the-wall gourmet toastie shops are a hotbed for bringing design concepts and culinary movements to the masses. It is the age of smart marketing (making food look good for social media success), smartly-themed restaurants (nose to tail, Texan BBQ) and even smarter consumers whose tastebuds are driving the economy.


Find out the ten trends that are changing the hospitality industry right now.


  1. The Delivery Revolution: Restaurants have gone mobile. Order-and-pay apps and third-party online delivery services are giving us the “dining in” experience in our homes. The delivery revolution is providing extra income streams for restaurants, and more choices for consumers for on-demand food. The novelty of getting food delivered is fast becoming a modern day mainstay.


  1. The Rise of Fast Casual: Half-full restaurants and quiet weekend trade happens when the economy is not so peachy. Therefore diners are gravitating towards casual and affordable eating out options. Read: cool food, not fast food.  


  1. Bringing The Outdoors In: Restaurant design is moving away from marble, subway tiles and copper and towards nature. Cascading plants, giant potted trees, native flowers and Insta-worthy succulent features are leading the way with keeping interiors interesting.


  1. Drinks Trucks: The now mainstream food truck marketplace is getting a revitalisation with trendy pop-up champagne carts, vintage cocktail cars and wine tastings on wheels.


  1. Curated Playlists: A shitty playlist equals a shitty experience. From Arabic hip hop to Fleetwood Mac 70s vibes, restaurateurs are curating their music choices and creating a sonic atmosphere to match the culinary one.


  1. Hyper-Local Sourcing: With the buzzword ‘paddock to plate’ well and truly put to bed, chefs are now focusing on locally-sourced meat, produce, seafood, and native ingredients with low food miles. The locavore diner is now asking “Yeah but from which paddock?” in their quest for local, artisan food.


  1. Chef Collaborations: Chefs and local makers are combining forces to create one-off bespoke menu items with much fanfare. Think: a gelateria and a Mexican restaurant, and a donut shop and a frozen yogurt dessert truck.
  1. Commissioned Local Art: Generic paintings and bulk-bought canvas are out, commissioned murals from well-known local artists are popping up on cafe feature walls and on restaurant building exteriors.


  1. Coffee on Tap: Craft beer is still cool, but craft caffeine is about to take over taps in cafes and bars. Expect to see nitro coffee kegs, draft lattes and hybrid drinks like coffee lemonade.


  1. Social Media Ordering: We’re already ordering from self-serve tablets and texting coffee orders, but soon we’ll be able to order through social media when our friend posts a desirable meal.


The future of the hospitality industry is firmly planted in technology advances but also in the needs and wants of people for authentic eating experiences. It is highly plausible that phone use will be banned in certain restaurants for reasons of noise pollution (in the same way smoking is seen as air pollution) and cashless card-only eateries will start to crop up as we seek more seamless and smarter lifestyles.